MediComf is a specialist footwear company that creates comfort and stylish shoes without compromising your special foot condition needs.

MediComf was created out of a long collaboration of orthopaedic doctors, podiatrists, and health professionals working closely with a team of expert footwear designers to meet our customers’ need for comfortable and stylish footwear which are functional for many types of foot conditions.

We understand life is a pain when your feet hurt MediComf shoes was created to help alleviate some of the pain experienced by many different types of foot conditions. Through an advanced cushion zone protective technology, our footwear allows your feet to rest in layers of lightweight comfort without compromising the medical functional need for your special foot condition.

By incorporating many key medical research findings within the footwear design, we provide specialist footwear collection for many known medical foot conditions. We carefully combine key components with improving functionality and comfort but not compromising on stylish footwear.

Our Footwear DNA medically originated not only supports the foot in unmatched comfort but integrate functional features available in full medical-based footwear. Our team of designers and craftsman deliver this Technology in more stylish and lightweight footwear.

MediComf’s goal has been to deliver expertly handcrafted footwear using the best of natural material without compromising the key medical features so our customers can benefit from combining medical features and advanced design; our comfort cushion zone technologies are outlined below:



We have designed special shoes for diabetic people to reduce the risk of a foot injury and give them the utmost care for their feet.

Keeping in view different foot problems, including diabetes, bunions and pronation, we have breathable and comfortable shoes with a number of supporting padding and cushioning. The breathability of shoes complements people with variations in foot size due to any foot disease.

Once you place an order with MediComf, we try to dispatch it ASAP with a maximum dispatch time of three working days. Due to any reason, if we fail to dispatch your order, we will update you accordingly.

Depending on location in Australia, you should expect to get your order within 3 to 10 business days.