Walk with Confidence with Adaptive Shoes for Elderly and Prevent Falls. Our footwear Collection Includes the Best Shoes for Elderly Men and Women with Dementia


Ageing is a fact, is inevitable and a natural progression that no one can reverse. Still, proper care healthy way of living is a way to remain fit and active and have better stamina throughout life. For some people, ageing is a blessing that others may not have to enjoy the retired life and do what they dream for. The role of Shoes for Elderly is very crucial as adaptive footwear ensures you have the utmost level of comfort for your foot problems. Thanks to advancements in science and technology, you can have a quality life with medicine and adaptive footwear that suits your physical body posture.

The Lifestyle of Elderly People

Picture yourself enjoying your retirement age full of physical activities to train your body for an active and prosperous life. Would you love to participate in activities that involve walking daily, competitive running, acrobatics, taking care of grandchildren, learning new technologies and much more? The secret to a happy and active life is to challenge your body with physical activities to maintain stamina like a person in their mid-30s. Older adults can join dance classes and health clubs of veterans, engage themselves in social circles, adapting to hi-tech gadgets.

Older adults no longer adapt to sitting on the porch watching the sunset and growing old. They live actively, take care of grandchildren, are competitive in the running, learn the computer and internet, take up new hobbies, dance, join health clubs, socialise, learn to use hi-tech gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, blogging and many more.

Shoes For Elderly
Shoes For Elderly Women

MediComf shoes for the elderly are designed so that you can easily tighten and loosen the sandals that are meant for the right fit shoes for your feet. These attributes make them the first choice for ladies struggling with arthritis or limited dexterity. Further, the adaptable design and wear of the MediComf boots, slippers and sandals for seniors make them best selling shoes.

So, to ensure older people have an improved walking experience, our adaptive shoes for elderly are manufactured to prevent falling and have better body grip. Our shoes support walking with a padded tongue to share the body weight. The collar that can be up to 20 mm complements your walking experience. Orthotics recommends these shoes to eliminate inflammation and foot pain.

Shoes For Elderly Women

The footwear needed for women requires meeting specific requirements for a natural walking pattern. Wearing heels look great and appeal to many women; however, health experts discourage wearing heels more than 2 inches. Further, older women require a shoe design to support their walking patterns throughout the day. Whether you are a working woman or a housewife, you may have to stand for hours, which could disturb your body posture if you have ill-fitted shoes. Women who love to walk a lot or have to walk and climb stairs at work must opt for shoes with comfortable cushioning, padded inserts and collars.

After consulting the orthotics, older women must wear shoes to have a comfortable walking experience. Visiting orthotics or your health advisor is essential, especially for ladies with foot problems. Ageing is a factor that women must consider, and they should opt for shoes for elderly women designed to provide the maximum level of comfort via a wide variety of inserts, cushioned footbeds, and other supplies.

Essential Features of Best Walking Shoes for Elderly People

Following are the key benchmarks that help choose the best walking.

Non-Slip Sole

Are you looking for non-slippery shoes? Do you work or live in an area where the chances of slip are higher? Do you want non-skidding shoes for older people? If you are hunting for non-slippery shoes, a non-slip sole can help you prevent falls due to slippery conditions. There are many ways to make your shoe non-slippery. Depending on the sole material and type of shoes, they are effortless and are often DIY tasks available at an affordable price.

Adaptive Shoes For Elderly
Best Lightweight Walking Shoes For Elderly,

Depending on the shoe type, the risk of slip for a new shoe pair is high because it’s fresh out of the box and has never made contact with the floor yet to make them slip-resistant. The ordinary way is to use the shoe that becomes non-slippery with time, or you can use sandpaper to scruff the shoes. On the other hand, the old shoes tend to become slippery, and you may find it hard to maintain balance using that shoes. Here the use of inserts will help you hold your body weight. These include extra padding and a collar meant to provide a comfortable walking experience.

If you love to do physical exercises for healthy living, you must have non-slippery shoes. Gym lovers must opt for non-slippery shoes for men and women to ensure their safety. The best shoes for elderly men are breathable that ensure your feet remain healthy. The orthotics advise checking for shoe soles and whether they are slip-resistance or not. Cushion Zone Technology makes the non-slip shoes BY MediComf.

Shock Absorbent Sole

Sole is important for a balanced walk experience, especially for older people. MediComf soles are designed keeping in view the various factors, i.e. age, body weight, floor conditions etc. an orthotic can ask for shoes that have the extra depth range to eradicate foot pain as the depth allows to fill it with a comfortable footbed that is meant for providing a cosy walking experience. You will feel like walking on a soft bed mattress when you wear the best shoes for elderly with attributes like footbed, padding, collar and cushioned inserts.

Older adults with swollen feet or other foot problems must choose insoles to heal them from pain and prevent falls. These soles are capable of absorbing body shock when you walk. Further, foot pain can disappear when you have sturdy shoes that are comfy from the inside and stretchable to accommodate people with foot problems.

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    The extended comfort is all because of the removable filler and footbed with cushioned insert variety to resolve foot problems, especially for seniors with foot problems.

    MediComf offers removable filler and footbed to ensure extended comfort to feet, which is helpful, especially for seniors and people with foot problems. When orthotics prescribe, you can add a removable 8 mm filler, leather-lined footbed, and arch support. The removable insole variety ensures you feel like walking on your bed, just like anti-slippery finest velvet.

    Corrective and Comfortable Shoes for Elderly

    A person with foot problems, especially a senior person, must care for and choose the corrective shoes that comfort feet. The one with painful and aching feet may benefit from the best lightweight walking shoes for elderly as such shoes help alleviate the foot problems. MediComf has a variety of corrective footwear that are meant to correct foot problems for seniors. For the elderly, corrective footwear collection involves heel stabilisers, arch support, and easy shoe closure with minimal lacing.

    Best Shoes For Elderly
    Best Shoes For Elderly Men

    High-Backend and Good-Fitting Shoes for Elderly

    As people grow old, they struggle with several health problems, including arthritis pain, heart issues, diabetes, etc. These are some of the common health issues that most older adults experience. Those who fight the ageing issue never leave hope and go for an active, healthy life to fully enjoy their life. The secret for older people is to exercise regularly as per their physical health, go for regular health check-ups and have a proper diet plan suggested by a nutritionist.

    Wear Great Quality Shoes for Elderly Men

    Choosing the accurate shoe is vital for individuals of all ages. Matured individuals should concentrate on this component strongly because of the decaying health condition. Great quality athletic shoes can amplify shock assimilation and arch support. It is wise to utilise shoes for elderly men with over-the-counter gel embeds, heel stabilisers and froth insoles rather than summer strolling or running shoes which get more earnestly and stiffer in chilly climates.

    Wide Toe Shoes

    It is vital to choose shoes as per their utilisation. A walking shoes for elderly has an adaptable bottom and is great for low affect movement, and will permit the foot to move from impact point to toe while strolling. A running shoe is worked to assimilate impacts up to multiple times your body weight. It is great for steadiness, which prepares for protection in overpronation to avoid any fall due to abnormal walking patterns. Cross trainer shoes are the smartest possible solution for older people. They are adaptable and are a decent trade-off between a mobile shoe and a running shoe.

    While looking for a decent sneaker, really take a look at these three significant pieces of the shoe to ensure they will be a planned fit for yourself as well as your exercises:

    Best Shoes For Elderly To Prevent Falls

    Toe Box

    The toe box should be wide to the point of spreading your toes as you walk and have a half-inch of room on the highest point of your longest toe.

    The mid-sole

    The midsole is vital to the vibe and capacity of the shoe as it supplies the greater part of the shoe’s padding. The padding is given either via air cells or springy metal – ensure it is padded enough for your feet.


    An upper can be made of various materials, including cowhide, counterfeit calfskin, lattice, or blend. Practically, it isn’t significant which is utilised; nonetheless, on the off chance that breathability is critical to you, ensure the upper is, for the most part, network.

    • Flat or low heels
    • Wide-mouthed
    • Easy to maintain
    • Laces-free shoes with straps

    Heel Stabiliser

    The role of the heel stabiliser is crucial to removing foot pain. MediComf footwear supplies include an extended heel stabiliser for control and firm grip of the foot by providing support during walking, moving and doing daily activities.

    Removable Filler and Leather Footbed

    The best suggestion by orthotics is to have shoes with extra in-depth to accommodate inserts and insoles. These inserts are really helpful and hope for older adults. Older people with severe foot pain and issues must-have comfy yet sturdy shoes that are stretchable and breathable to remove soreness and swelling from their feet.

    MediComf provides a range of removable fillers and footbeds to ensure extended comfort to feet, which is helpful, especially for seniors with foot disease and foot pain. When orthotics prescribe, you can go for a removable filler of up to 8 mm depth. The leather-lined footbed and arch support are yet another remedy suggested by orthotics. The removable insole variety provides a walking experience like on your bed, like anti-slippery finest velvet.

    Built-in Arch Support for Elderly People

    Arch is an integral part of the feet that ensure a smooth walking pattern. It is crucial to examine the feet to see whether your feet are Pronated or Supinated. Supinated feet are when your ankle bone is turned outward, and the big toe might be lifted off the ground due to an abnormal walking pattern or any other issue. A person with supinated feet has more chance of rolling their ankle, which is a leading cause of knee pain on the outside of the knee. On the other hand, if the ankle bone is turned inside, you will observe a bow in the Achilles of your feet. People with such conditions are more prone to have a plantar fasciitis meniscus tear, and the solution for such foot conditions is to wear easy shoes for elderly.

    People with supinated or pronated abnormalities have weak arches, and the solution to them is to look for ways to support the arch by dividing the load into entire feet. The design of shoes for the elderly by MediComf comes with a built-in arch support footbed combined with heal stabiliser support to maximise comfort. All such measurements and footwear designs help keep the foot in the neutral alignment of your posture and gradually correct the pronation or supination condition.

    Best Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

    Padded Shoe Tongue

    MediCom aims to promote healthy walking patterns among people of all ages to have a healthy lifestyle. To support comfortable walking, MediComf adaptive shoes for seniors provide a padded tongue and collar, which you can choose for up to 20 mm in width. This padded tongue complements comfort to the walking experience by throwing any sign of inflammation and reducing the impact of walking on the ankle, and you will have painless feet.

    Wide Toe Box

    Shoes for the elderly must have a wide toe box to support various foot conditions, including swollen feet or people with foot problems, including bunions and diabetes. The wide toe box shoes are crucial for foot health, especially for people who are 60 or older. This ensures they have ample space for their feet to support their toe. On the other hand, ordinary shoes may give you a bit of shock because you will observe squished toes in an abnormal shape. This is mainly due to the dwindling toe box of common footwear that can put immense force on toes, resulting in foot swelling, hammertoes, bunions, and other foot disease. Indeed, no one prefers to wear such shoes in the name of fashion that hurts your foot health and mental health in the long run. Instead, a shoe that solves all your problems is all that you need to move freely without the assistance of any other person. That’s why MediComf best walking shoes for elderly are designed to have a wide toe box to cater to the needs of older adults and extra care.

    Why do we need to take extra care of foot problems?

    Feet are vital human body parts destined to move us throughout our lives. On average, a healthy human being tends to walk around a hundred thousand feet which is four times the walk around planet earth. It is really important to look after your feet to ensure you have a healthy lifestyle in every phase of life.

    MediComf is all about foot health to make you walk and feel confident. Our mission statement is to improve your foot health from the feet up to ensure you have the maximum level of care for your feet. Our shoe design is all about offering premium shoes for the elderly that support the natural state of life by eliminating pain in the feet, proper blood circulation and correcting strain in the feet.

    Best Shoes For Elderly Women

    What Happens To Our Feet In Traditional Shoes

    Humans are crafted well by nature from head to feet, i.e. a broad base and wide foot toes that support our body weight. We must ensure our feet remain fit and healthy to enjoy our life fully. Indeed, no one wants to stick with the bed and reserve the room. As you age, you may feel lonely because of changing body dynamics, and you must be planned how you will spend your time actively. Conversely, to the classic lifestyle, modern life is all about the race of fashion that has indulged humans in wearing spiked shoes while women choose to wear narrow heels. The female group of teenagers, adults and the elderly are judged by their ability to wear high heels with little tipi as much as possible at the bottom, which is also known as pencil heels.

    Best Walking Shoes For Elderly

    The esthetics norms have also evolved the footwear so that we ignore our foot health by neglecting the foot problems and prefer to wear uncomfortable shoes that deteriorate our natural foot shape and cause serious leg damage. This race to wear shoes with unnatural positions, including high heels, narrow toes, thin soles, and exposed toes, play a significant role in damaging our feet and restricting us to a very limited zone. Do you prefer to sacrifice your freedom over wearing fancy and sturdy shoes that are all about good looks but with damaged pain? The best walking shoes for elderly woman is all about correcting their foot problems and ensuring a healthy, smooth walk via comfortable shoes for older women.

    Narrow toe shoes force feet into a crushed position resulting in curls and compression. This further results in deformities, including bunions, hammertoes and other abnormal foot shapes. This result in weakness and feet atrophy, while you may experience loss of sensation in your feet and your toes will lose the ability to move independently, which is bad for your health. Poor shoe design didn’t absorb the impact of shocks resulting in an abnormal walk or running pattern, and thus your overall posture, gait and balance will be altered. In short, it increases the chance of fatal injury.

    To cater to the needs of females at their later phase of age, MediComf has a wide variety of best shoes for elderly to prevent falls that are meant to provide a cosy walk experience and solve all foot problems, including falls, swollen feet, bunions and females with diabetes.

    Why You Should Care About Wide Toe Boxes

    The human body design is meant for moving freely in its natural state without posting pressure on body joints. The health care professionals have highlighted that the tribes of the stone age with barefoot have limited foot problems than the modern civilised people with ill-fitting shoes. The anatomy of human feet suggests being close to ground level as much as possible with the toes splayed. Naturally, the barefoot stance provides a wider base for our feet to handle the entire body and align the spine naturally. This body posture is a must for walking, running, travelling for commute and sitting. Healthy bones, tendons, and muscles are crucial parts of the feet when sending critical signals to the human brain through nerves and the spinal system and performing specific body movements.

    Comfy Shoes For Elderly
    Good Shoes For Elderly

    Positive Outcomes Of Wearing Shoes With A Wide Toe Box

    A footwear collection manufactured with a wide toe box is meant to eradicate most of the foot issues we experience, especially for seniors. The simple swap highlights improved foot health and performing physical activities without pain or discomfort.

    Have you ever marked how often you struggle to do your daily routine jobs because of immense foot pain?

    Thanks to abnormal posture and gait, ladies who love to wear high heels are especially reeling in pain from the very start of the time. To make females successful working women, it is important to provide them comprehensive footwear collection.

    Elderly females who love to keep up with their younger colleagues opt for the best shoes for elderly women, including arch, heel, and toe support.

    MediComf has designed state-of-the-art shoes for senior women with an immense comfort level to support older women for their active involvement at work or leisure. The wide toe box shoes for older women let their feet move freely without any hurdle and rest in their natural state that you feel more comfortable and enhance walking pleasure.

    No More Injuries

    Appropriate footwear implies you permit the feet to return to their normal shape while partaking in the greatest degree of solace with the assistance of additional padding, embeds and cushioned stuff. This is truly useful in decreasing any likely chance of wounds to your feet and whole body. The older women find our shoe assortment accommodating in keeping a balance. Regardless of whether you are battling with diabetes, bunions around your feet, foot expanding in abnormal shape or some other foot infection, MediComf shoes are intended to give you the most comfortable experience with your feet. The breathable material guarantees your feet have a large measure of natural air and lessen aggravation in the lower side of your feet.

    By and large, an ordinary individual with the least active lifestyle will generally stroll around 50,000, and an active person is likely to walk a hundred thousand feet in his life. This is around a four-time strolling experience around the earth, and consequently, human feet face a lot of punching with every step taken as they have to accommodate their entire body weight. Upon recommendations of orthotics, MediComf’s best shoes for elderly with balance problems are all about providing shoes to correct foot problems.

    Feeble feet make us more injury-inclined, while inappropriate footwear duplicates the possibilities of wounds like:

    • Bunions and hammertoes
    • Neuromas
    • Hip fracture due to fall
    • Shin splints
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Tendinitis

    The list can extend easily. We rely heavily on feet for most movements and everything we do as human beings. If you have ever had a foot injury, then you may have already realised the importance of healthy feet and maintaining them.

    Importance of Alignment

    A person with naturally aligned feet is lucky as he can freely move, walk, and run. Wearing ill-fitting shoes may damage the natural alignment of your feet and legs as you can develop some abnormalities that can harm your body posture. Continuous use of ill-fitting footwear means we have trained our feet to improper alignment, which must be corrected to rectify the abnormal body behaviour. Such abnormalities can cause discomfort throughout our musculoskeletal system and result in serious injuries that can even make us handicapped.

    Keeping in view the severity of damage due to improper shoe collection, you may require to adopt a proactive approach to your foot rehabilitation by choosing adaptive shoes for seniors. This isn’t limited to wearing shoes with an extra toe box but also includes:

    • Wearing Toes with extra padding and cushioning regularly
    • Ensure you perform foot strengthening exercises daily
    • Transitioning slowly to foot-shaped shoes
    • Wear Injinji toe socks for foot alignment
    • Excel mobility and balance

    A successful feet rehab program ensures you have properly aligned feet, as you can notice that feet will start performing naturally. Wearing adaptive shoes will make you feel improved balance even on uneven surfaces like trails. This way, you can strengthen your ankle and reduce the risk of falls.

    Avoid Narrow Shoes

    Narrow shoes look fashionable, funky and trending, but they only cause deformation to human feet. MediComf footwear provides shoes and accessories to support the comfortable walk, balanced body posture and improved well-being of elderly persons. Our shoe collections are specially designed to support people with foot problems. Narrow shoes and high heels are meant for displaying your feet wrongly, which is opposed to the natural way of walking or running. Our shoes are easy to put on shoes for seniors with no or minimum third person help so that you will feel confident and independent.

    Shoes for Senior Women

    Since you are searching for adaptive, healthy shoes for senior ladies doesn’t mean you are restricted to wearing a limited choice of shoes and have to abandon your fashion completely. MediComf has a variety of high heels for senior women that offers a variety of comfortable shoes with acceptable height. The recommended maximum heel by orthotic medical experts is 2 inches. Whether you have some sort of bunions, supination, pronation, bones issues or foot swelling, MediComf has so much to offer.

    We have wide width adjustable sandals for senior women that are best for ladies with Edema or diabetes and are great for indoor and outdoor usage. Our shoes for senior women include open-toe sandals, and heels feature adjustable closures that open up completely. The beauty of these sandals for senior women is how easily ladies can wear them and how painless they are to put on and take off regardless of the condition of the foot.

    Shoes For Elderly Swollen Feet
    Support Shoes For Elderly

    What Are Common Foot Problems In Elder People?

    The most cause of foot pain in seniors is plantar fasciitis, which happens due to collagen degeneration of the plantar fasciitis at the origin, so the calcaneal tuberosity, which goes towards the backside of the foot, i.e. heel. You may feel pain during foot movement and observe swollen feet around that foot area.

    How To Handle Plantar Fasciitis With Exercise

    Plantar fasciitis can be handled with simple stretchy exercise. Lift the foot and put it on the other leg, grab onto your toe and heel for up to 30 seconds and push it out further till you feel a nice stretch down there. The main aim of this exercise is to stretch the plantar fasciitis. You need to repeat this exercise a couple of times.

    The second most common exercise is to get a piece of rubber stuff or some soft cloth, grab it with your foot toe’s fingers, and lift it. It’s almost like you are doing a slight bicep curl for your feet. You need to repeat this ten times.

    These are the two simple exercises that older adults can do at home without the help of a third person. With the help of simple to do exercises and the best shoes for balance elderly, you can phase out inflammation from your feet.

    Can your Feet Grow in Size at the Elderly Stage?

    You may observe that your feet have grown considerably as you age, and that might wonder you. This is a common phenomenon among older people as they feel the growing size of their feet. That doesn’t mean that your bones or length of feet have increased; however, it is fatty padding on the soles of your feet that has decreased considerably. Also, weight gain could put additional pressure on your feet and excessive flow of fluid in your feet that change the dynamics of feet.

    The ligaments and tendons sometimes lose their elasticity over time, predisposing people to potentially having painful ruptures. This situation can make your feet flatter and wider over time. A common case such observation is pregnant women, where women feel swollen feet due to hormones leading to softening and loosening of the ligaments and tissues.

    What Does Arthritis In The Foot Look Like?

    As you age, you have a high risk of catching arthritis. The damage to joints because of arthritis can lead to swelling, foot pain and physical challenges in your feet and ankles. You lose a smooth cushioning cartilage inside them, and as a result, the bones rub accelerate wear and tear against each other. The soft tissues in and around the joints also suffer because of increased friction. This makes the situation hard to transfer your body weight onto legs and feet, i.e. during walking or moving. There’ll be more pain and swelling after you rest or get up from bed in the morning and also in the nighttime.

    Joint stiffness and warmth can also be noted, making it very difficult to move, walk or even crawl, and you will likely be restricted to your bed only. In such a scenario, it is always ideal to wear Lightweight Shoes. Older people like the lightness ensures no stiffness in senior men’s feet.

    What are the Causes of Foot Pain in Old Age?

    As mentioned earlier, ageing, fat pad stiffness and slow recovery can lead to foot pain; however, foot pain can also be caused and is usually classified into two primary categories. The two main reasons are the foot pain condition caused by local and systematic factors.

    Local factors can include structural disorders that affect the load-bearing function of the feet. In contrast, systematic factors include dermatological, neurological, and musculoskeletal conditions that manifest in the foot. In addition to these, there could be several predisposing factors as well. Some studies find that factors such as gender, level of obesity, depression, anxiety, diabetes and osteoarthritis are all likely causes of foot pain in older adults. Being a female and having osteoarthritis multiplies the chances of foot pain as you age.

    How do you treat ageing feet?

    This is a concern for senior people and is so essential because the unhealthy feet of senior people can have drastic implications for physical and mental health. Senior people with foot problems are subject to frequent falls, immobility and progression of frailty. Progression of weakness involves greater levels of dependency, which you don’t want when you age. Reliance is most problematic because it hurts privacy, and no one wants to share that one with another.

    One must understand the impact of all the strategies to manage foot health. The best thing to do is provide utmost care by visiting orthotics, podiatrists, physiotherapists or other relevant health care professionals before starting any treatment. When prescribed by orthotics, MediComf can provide comfy shoes for elderly, providing the utmost comfort to your feet. The idea is to provide shoes with extra cushioning that you feel like walking on soft cotton. The shoe design help maintains body balance and improves blood flow towards the feet.

    Swollen Feet Problem

    Do you have any sign of swelling in your feet? Are you struggling because of swelling in your insteps? Do you have any swelling around your ankles causing walking problems? Is your daily routine disturbed because of swelling around your feet? Is it the morning when you wake up and experience abnormal foot shape? Are you experiencing any change in your feet after a busy day? You need not fret about those signs as MediComf has a mission statement to ease people with mentioned problems by providing comfortable footwear and accessories.

    Drastic Impact of Swelling Feet

    Enlarging feet in different shapes demonstrate various foot ailments that need the consideration of the individual who is battling against Edema. It may be because of an individual’s prescribed drug, pregnancy for women, Lymphedema, or any other laying illness. Edema severely impacts feet as they carry the entire body weight.

    Observing the shoes for enlarged feet from various shops is truly difficult as individuals with such a problematic issue need a more extensive range of widths for toe adjustment. The wide footwear ensures a varied assortment for individuals battling Edema and other foot problems. Getting the right fits for individuals with Edema is truly difficult given the idea of the issue. MediComf comprehends the requirements of individuals facing challenges in routine life with Edema. We have an immense variety of footwear for swollen feet that people choose to heal from foot pain.

    Our shoes are stretchable, can accommodate the changing shape and size without hurting your feet and provide the highest degree of comfort. You can choose from a wide range of shoes for elderly swollen feet, including shoes to fit your feet and bring comfort to soring feet. Our range of comprehensive inserts helps your heel and is best for people with diabetes. MediComf shoe designs ensure you have the best shoes for swelling feet, shoes for a bunion, hammertoes, and walking shoes for people with arthritis and fused ankles.

    Edema, Cause, Signs and Symptoms

    Edema is when you have swollen feet because of excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissue, especially in the skin. It usually occurs in the skin of legs, feet and ankles; however, it can affect other body parts, including muscles, bowels, eyes, lungs and even the brain. The body organs have interstitial spaces where fluid can be trapped and accumulate. There are different examples of Edema in specific organs. An accumulation of fluid in the interstitial tissue around the alveoli in the lungs is referred to as pulmonary Edema. Pulmonary Edema can have severe conditions as it makes it difficult to breathe.

    Cerebral Edema is yet another serious condition in which fluid builds up in the brain. This condition may result from a range of reasons, many of which are life-threatening, i.e. trauma to the head, tumour, and allergic reaction or if a blood vessel gets blocked or bursts, it can cause loss of consciousness leading to brain herniation.

    Peripheral Edema usually affects the hands, arms, legs and feet. Papilloedema occurs when there is pressure inside the skull and around the brain, resulting in swelling of the eye’s optic nerve.

    Macular Edema is when fluid builds up in a part of the eye. The eye part enables detailed central vision and is a serious complication of diabetic retinopathy. Edema usually starts slowly; however, the onset can be sudden and is a common problem but can result in serious medical conditions. It is vital to check with a doctor if there is a concern about any swelling around your feet. An orthotic is best to consult with in case you have feet Edema.

    Easy Shoes For Elderly
    Best Walking Shoes For Elderly Woman

    Causes of Edema

    Mild cases of Edema may be during pregnancy. Eating too much salty food, sitting or staying in one position for too long, such as travelling over a long distance for hours. Having premenstrual signs and symptoms, climbing high altitudes, and sunburn can also be because of Edema or swelling feet.

    Edema can also be due to medication side effects such as estrogens, NSAIDs, Thiazolidinediones (to treat Type 2 diabetes) or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, i.e. ibuprofen and naproxen or general diabetes medications. Steroid drugs, some chemotherapy drugs and calcium channel blockers can also cause swollen feet.

    Edema for People with no disease at all

    Earlier, we saw the risks associated with people taking some sort of medicine, pregnant women, or people with some medical history. A person without any previous history of Edema or heart disease can also become a victim of foot swelling. The most common cause for such a person is static or standing in the same position for hours. The orthotics recommend wearing comfy shoes for the elderly. Senior people must follow the recommendations of health care advisors and must wear support shoes for elderly that are meant to get them out of chronic situations relating to foot problems.

    Health advisors normally advise not to use flip-flops and ballerina flats as these are non-supportive shoes for people with Edema and provide no foot protection, and there is a great chance of skidding and falling.

    Edema Signs

    Some health conditions include congestive heart failure, kidney disease, kidney damage, cirrhosis, severe long-term protein deficiency, thyroid disease and varicose veins. Edema caused by malnutrition defines as quasi-core.

    Edema Symptoms

    • Swelling or puffiness directly under the skin, especially in the arms or legs
    • Stretched skin over the swollen area
    • Difficulty in moving the joints
    • Increased abdominal size
    • Difficulty in breathing
    • Chest pain
    • Skin that retains an indentation like pits or a dimple when you apply pressure over swollen area for quite a time

    If left untreated, there is a higher degree of chance that Edema can cause skin ulcers, scarring between layers of tissues, decreased blood circulation, difficulty in walking and an increased risk of infection in the swollen area.

    Diagnosis of Edema

    To diagnose Edema, the health care professional may ask for your medical history before performing a physical exam. Depending on the condition, the doctor may recommend tests including X-rays, Urine analysis or blood test, MRI and CT Scans. These tests help to determine the underlying cause of Edema.

    Edema Treatment

    Mild cases of Edema tend to resolve on their own, particularly with certain lifestyle adjustments. More severe cases of Edema may require medications that help the body expel the excess fluid in the urine, like diuretics. Based on your personal medical history, your doctor will determine a good treatment option for you—long-term management of edema targets underlying conditions and causes that produce foot swelling. If any medication is the root cause, the doctor may check for alternative medicine.

    Lifestyle Modifications for People with Edema

    Certain lifestyle modifications can help rid Edema, including physical activities, exercise, massage of the affected area, reducing salt intake, compression socks, sleeves, gloves, or good shoes for elderly to provide utmost care to senior people. The doctor may ask for exercise to elevate the affected leg, foot or arm above the heart level several times a day.

    People with Edema, especially older people, suffer a lot in their daily lives, i.e. when they travel for commute, outdoor activities, and travel for personal reasons. An individual with Edema may face inflammation, soreness and swell around the ankles and feet. The answer to their problems is wearing special shoes specially designed to cater to the needs of affected people to bring them comfort. Shoe collection for swollen feet ensures added comfort to the life of people struggling with Edema.

    Cushion Zone Technology

    MediComf shoes for the elderly use cushion zone technology that works with five core elements, including the following:

    1. A super lightweight non-slip outsole that comes with air bubble technology
    2. Has Drilex cushioned midsole with 2mm depth
    3. Long steel shank
    4. The removable filler is of 8mm depth that provides utmost comfort to the heel
    5. Removable footbed that supports arch against any foot pain or inflammation

    Place Your Order

    If you are on the lookout for the best shoes for the elderly, then place your order now. We have the best a wide range of options available for you. If you have any queries, get in touch with our experts, and they will help you with all your questions.

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