Looking for the Best Shoes for Hammer Toes? MediComf Offers the Finest Shoes, Including Sandals for Hammer Toes

A hammer toe is the malformation impact on the second, third, or fourth toes. The toe is bent at the middle joint in this form, like a hammer. Hammer’s toes are initially flexible, and you can treat them with easy methods, but if left untreated, they can become permanent and necessitate surgery. The best shoes for hammer toes can help you heal from pain and reduce the dreadful impact.

When we observe the forefoot, it has five toes, and each toe contains three joints. There is an exception to the first big toe that has two joints only. The hammer toe is a result of the bent to the middle joint, also known as the proximal interphalangeal joint.

best shoes for hammer toes How the Best Shoes For Hammer Toes Helpful?

Being a victim of hammer toe, you may think about how footwear can help you recover from hammertoes. According to research, footwear types play a role in developing a hammer toe. Wearing excessively tight shoes or an abnormally small toe box can cause misalignment of your toe joints. Such shoes further contribute to the development of hammertoe. The majority of victims get hammertoe as a result of wearing ill-fitting shoes on a frequent basis. MediComf specialists can help you choose the best shoes for hammer toes that give you comfort for routine daily work.

Getting Right Fit Shoes is Important

While ill-fitting shoes cause many hammertoe instances, excellent shoes can help ease discomfort. The key is to wear the appropriate shoes. Avoid shoes with a pointed toe or that are too small, even if just slightly. This is especially crucial if you are wearing high heels, which can place undue strain on your toes. In general, seek footwear that is:

Sufficient Length

At least half an inch should be available between your longest toe and the end of the shoe’s toe box.


Before purchasing shoes, go around the store in them to ensure your foot is well-supported.

sandals for hammer toes Spacious

There should be no rubbing at the top or sides of the toe box while your foot is in the shoe. Simply replacing your tight shoes with ones that fulfil the standards above can make a great difference, especially if you start making appropriate shoe selections early in the development of your hammertoe.

Get Medical Advice

You must get the professional advice of Podiatrists to have the right fit shoes with orthotics. The orthotics can help you get pain relief and aid in healing your toe. Orthotic ailments are shoe inserts to ensure that none of your toe joints is too stressed.

Your podiatrist may also recommend activities to strengthen and extend your foot. Other treatments could be taping or some medication injections to ease discomfort. If your hammer toe continues to bother you, the final option may be surgery.

Why Choose MediComf Orthotics to Treat your Hammer Toe?

MediComf is an experienced name offering solutions to foot problems for the last three decades. We stock, produce and manufacture a wide range of orthotics that are standardised. However, you may need customised orthotics, so we also meet such requirements to entertain such people. We have custom orthotics and inserts that ensure got right fitment and support for your hammer toe.

Here are the benefits that our customised orthotics offer:

Improved Fitting

Your feet are distinctive, from the height of your arch to the breadth of your toes. It’s a usual practice to adjust and trim store-bought inserts and orthotics to make them perfect. Finally, they must be comfy because you’ll be wearing orthotics for daily work tasks. MediComf not only designs orthotics to fit like a glove, but we also modify them to match your specific needs.

Better Results

The standardised inserts are also helpful in many regards, and there are a large number of sizes you can choose from. However, you may require customised shoe inserts for your unique and rare foot situation. To entertain such people, we have specialised sandals for hammer toes to address more issues, including:

  • Bunions
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Flat Feet
  • Hammertoes
  • Heel Pain

How Do You Treat Hammer Toe?

If you observe a developing hammer toe, it’s the right time you should consult a foot expert. You can prevent a hammer toe from becoming too rigid if you start therapy early enough. While you wait for your appointment, you can relieve the pain of a hammer toe by doing the following:

  • Placing non-medicated, hammer toe pads on the injured toe
  • Ice therapy for your hammer toes
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises for the tendons and muscles, i.e. lifting up a towel with your toes
  • Wearing shoes for hammer toes with a large toe box

Best Shoes for Hammer Toes by MediComf

We have a wide variety of best shoes for hammer toes that come with extra deep width rounded toe box that provides your toes enough room for toe wiggling while still providing excellent comfort. Our shoes for hammer toe have an anti-microbial liner that reduces the possibility of poor foot odour and protects your feet from a variety of foot ailments.

The breathable nature of our shoes helps prevent sweat from gathering. Our researchers have put every effort to prevent skin abrasion and blistering and to resolve the marring issues with our 3-D breathable mesh top. The cushioned tongue placed beneath the adjustable laces avoids skin abrasion to optimise your comfort. The cushioned collar and heel counter feature work together to provide arch support, ankle support, and over-pronation avoidance. The detachable footbed provides you with leverage.

Does Arch support Help Hammertoes?

The podiatrist or foot doctor would advise you to wear hammer toe orthotics or insoles. People with flat feet and high arches are more susceptible to developing hammer toe; therefore, adding firm arch support insoles that rectify their biomechanical anomalies can be quite beneficial.

What exercises can you do for hammer toes?

Physical activities are crucial to correct hammer toes since the condition begins with small abnormalities and can deteriorate with time. Hammertoes are initially malleable, and patients can control the symptoms with noninvasive therapy. If hammertoes are left as it is, they might stiffen and require surgical treatment. Hammertoes exercises include the following:

Crunch Your Toes

The crunch is mainly an ab workout. However, this is all about hammer toe exercise. To do this, the patient must sit comfortably in a chair and remove any socks from the affected foot. Place a towel on the floor and rest the top part of your foot on it. Keep the heel on the ground and crush up the towel with your toes. Releasing the toes, repeat the technique 10 to 12 times.

Stretching By Hand

This exercise involves stretching the affected toe with a hand covered by a towel to lengthen the constricted muscles. Take a seat on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you. Wrap a cloth over your toes and drawback. Hold it in place for 20 to 30 seconds. You can use your hands to draw the toes back.

Order Comfortable Sandals for Hammer Toe Now

We provide wide-toe adjustable sandals for hammer toes that are ideal for females with foot problems, including diabetes or edema. Our shoes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our shoes for elderly and senior people include open-toe sandals and heels with adjustable closures that open entirely. The beauty of these sandals for elderly women is how effortlessly females can wear them and how easy they are to put on and take off regardless of foot condition.