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Feet are a gift to humans as healthy feet allow you to move around to do daily tasks in personal and professional life. People having issues with feet struggle in both personal and professional life. Among all feet issues, bunions are one of the most painful and problematic ones that have drastic impacts on any person’s life. A person may feel cornered because of the bunion and, in the worst scenarios, become depressed because it can have drastic implications. To cater to the needs of such people, MediComf has designed bunion slippers to bring them back to everyday life.

best slippers for bunions Reasons of Bunions

A bunion is a rough shape that forms at the base or the side of the big toe joint that causes pain. It may appear outside the toe, also known as the tailor’s bunion or bunion net. The symptoms include reddening and inflammation around the bump from pressure and rubbing. With a bunion, you will suffer from severe pain when walking or when wearing breathable restrictive shoes. Blisters and calluses form around the first and second toes, your second toe overlapping the first one and arthritis of the big toe. Having any of these symptoms and a rough shape around the toes means you have a bunion.

Women and older adults are easy victims of bunions. Bunion may be inherited or developed over time because of your ill-fitting shoe collection. Certain bones mainly cause bunions because of their uneven position. This imbalance forces the big toe to get a rough shape and disrupts the alignment of the main foot bone. At the start, it can be smaller in size, but leaving it unattended could worsen the scenario and thus must be treated with due care and by choosing the supportive shoe pairs. MediComf recommends consulting a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis. Most doctors agree that pain relievers, cold therapy and modifying your activities always help with pain caused by the bunion.

MediComf has brilliant foot solutions to beat bunion discomfort by choosing the comfy, roomy shoe collection with a wide toe box, good arch support, and stretchable design. Our bunion slippers, shoes and heels are adequately cushioned to give you a relaxing experience. To add comfort, we have several layers of padding and shields to help protect the tender areas around the affected bunion part.

bunion slippers Who Are We?

MediComf is passionate about foot care and has taken pride in being the largest shoe designer in Australia for the past three decades. We have a range of shoes meant for people with different sorts of feet issues, including foot swelling, bunions, hammertoes, and arthritis. Our focus is to understand the needs of patients struggling with various feet problems and to offer comfortable shoes to get them out of pain and suffering. The shoe design ensures you have breathable and comfy feet outfits using the new Eiderdown technology that is all about providing a better user experience with added cushioned inlay and insole supplies.

With a variety of shoe fittings, we have an extensive collection to cater to the needs of people with unique feet measurements. This includes shoes in half sizes and five variants with different widths to provide support to people. Experts at MediComf have designed shoe fittings that eliminate all common issues, including rolling and falling, which an ordinary shoe design for bunion can’t provide. We have the best orthotic collection to address your neuromuscular and skeletal issues feet by using removable insoles. Our shoes have 8mm fillers fitted underneath the insoles to mitigate the severe pain by default.

Why Should You Wear MediComf Shoes?

Apart from addressing the needs of people with bunions, our shoes are elegantly designed to help people walk for miles or who have to stand for hours. The lightness of MediComf shoes allows you to manage the daily activities that involve walking thousands of steps or when you have to move from one floor to another floor. MediComf shoes are shock resistant and are anti-slippery due to soft leather stuff, and thus you get a unique walking experience. To complement the walking experience, we have added 2X depth ideal for people with hammertoes, bunions, arthritis and swollen feet. There will be no sign of itching or rubbing when you wear MediComf shoes. With this approach, MediComf has the best slippers for bunions in Australia that come with added depth so that you feel relaxed.

How to Measure Your Feet Size?

It is of paramount value that you must have an accurate size of your feet to have the right size shoe fittings as a tight shoe pair could damage your feet. You can accurately measure your feet size by drawing your foot shape on an A4 white paper. You have to stand on the A4 paper with your toe pointing diagonally to one corner and heel to the other. You have to outline your feet with a pen or a pencil. Here, you have to take the outline with the utmost care by tracing it straight up and down without dipping it under the foot area. Measure the second foot, as you may have different measurements of both feet. You can compare the measurements on our Foot Size Guide, which indicates size for both men and women in other regions, including Europe, the USA & Canada, the UK and Australia.

Why Should You Choose MediComf?

MediComf slippers are easy to wear and put off, while the shoe interior has a 4 mm padding lining that ensures nothing can harm feet or cause irritation. Our slippers for bunions are best designed to heal you from any discomfort. The easy-access design allows movement and adjustment without any pain. The fastening point of the slipper makes the tong open all the way. The backside of the slipper has a soft padded collar of 20 mm. Here are the unique features of our slippers designed using Cushion Zone Technology.

  • Supper lightweight PU
  • Non-slippery outsole with air bubble technology
  • Cushioned 2 mm Drilex midsole
  • Long steel shank
  • 8 mm removable filler
  • Bone cushioning
  • PU with arch support

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