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Are you or any loved one suffering from foot problems caused by diabetes? Diabetic feet cause a halt in someone’s everyday life. Proper care must be taken, or diabetic feet can cause severe medical issues. If you or anyone you know is suffering from diabetic feet, do not worry, as Medicomf provides the best sneakers for diabetics for diabetic feet at affordable prices.

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We have been dealing in medical shoes since 1992, providing our customers with top-quality shoes, sandals, boots and best sneakers for diabetics that help people deal with their foot issues. We use soft leather and removable sole for our footwear and provide our products in all sizes. We believe that you’ll feel a lot better after using our shoes. Our experience and the positive feedback from our client base have earned us the reputation of being Australia’s most trusted and well-known medical shoe providers.

best sneakers for diabetics Why Get Diabetic Sneakers?

Diabetes is a disease that causes the pancreas to fail to produce enough insulin to increase the average glucose level in the body. People with diabetes show a tendency to have problems with their feet. Doctors, therefore, often recommend the use of diabetic sneakers in these patients as proper foot care is required once you have identified foot problems.

Diabetic Sneakers for Foot Problems

Diabetic sneakers are designed to avoid potential complications, such as infections, blisters, ulcers, etc., leading to more severe conditions. There are two conditions associated with diabetic foot. The first is Neuropathy, a condition that affects the legs of diabetic patients who feel numbness in the feet due to nerve damage. The second one is called peripheral vascular disease, which means tightening the arteries in the legs to prevent blood from flowing to the feet. Poor blood flow to the feet and toes can lead to diabetic foot pain. Diabetes shoes are intended to reduce this pain.

How Are the Best Sneakers for Diabetics Different?

The best sneakers for diabetics should be deeper than usual to include a custom inner sole for comfort and protection. Good ventilation or moisture-retaining equipment should be provided for diabetic sneakers to keep germs away from the foot. It will be designed so that the weight of the shoes will be reduced to a minimum. Sneakers for diabetic people provide excellent support for the arch, heel and ankle while controlling weight distribution so that painful pressure points are avoided as much as possible.

Best Sneakers for Diabetics have Wide Toe Box

There should always be space for your toes. This space should be enough for the toes to fit inside the back of your shoes, and you should have enough space to twist your toes. Much diabetic footwear is available in a wide range of sizes to fit all types of feet. The width of the shoe should be the same as the ball of your foot for satisfaction. It will help if you look for shoes with more leather material and comfortable cushion soles and insoles.

diabetic sneakers How to Take Care of Diabetic Feet?

Caring for diabetic feet is vital as diabetes can be dangerous to your feet — even minor cuts can produce side effects. Diabetes causes nerve damage in the legs. Diabetes can also slow down blood flow to the feet, making it difficult to heal injuries or infection-resistant. Because of these problems, you may not see the outside of your shoe. As a result, you may have a blister or ulcer. This can lead to an infection or ulcer that can lead to amputation.

Follow these guidelines to avoid serious foot problems resulting in loss of a toe, foot or leg.

  • Examine your feet daily. Look for cuts, blisters, redness, swelling or problems with the nails. Use a magnifying glass to look down at your feet. Call your doctor if you see anything.
  • Wash your feet with mild warm water. It would be best to wash your feet daily to keep them clean.
  • Be gentle when washing your feet. Use a soft cloth to clean them. Dry by wiping or patting and dry gently between the toes.
  • Rub your feet but not between your toes. Use a moisturiser daily to prevent dry skin from being bitten or cracked. But do not get wet between the toes — which may promote fungal infections.
  • Cut the nails carefully. Cut them straight across and sew the edges. Do not cut your nails too short, as this can lead to standing toes.
  • Never carry corns or calluses on your own. There are no “bathroom surgeries” or medicated pads. Visit your doctor for appropriate treatment.
  • Wear clean, dry socks. Change them every day.
  • Consider socks made for people with diabetes. These socks have an extra cushion, have no stretch marks, are higher than the ankle and are made of fibres that remove moisture from the skin.
  • Wear socks to bed. If your feet get cold at night, wear socks and never use a heating pad or hot water bottle.
  • Take off your shoes and feel inside before dressing. You may not feel the stone or anything outside on your feet, so it is advised to always check your shoes properly before wearing them.
  • Keep your feet warm and dry. Do not let your feet get wet in the snow or the rain. Always wear warm shoes and socks in winter.
  • If your feet sweat a lot, antiperspirants on soles are the best way to help remove excessive sweat from the feet.
  • Never walk barefoot. Even at home! Always wear shoes or slippers. You can step on something and get a scratch or cut.
  • Take care of your diabetes. Keep blood sugar levels under control.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking blocks the flow of blood to your feet.
  • Get a foot test from time to time. Seeing a doctor who regularly operates on your foot and ankle can help prevent diabetic foot problems.

Why Buy Diabetic Sneakers from Medicomf Shoes ?

We provide diabetic sneakers that maximise the comfort of the feet. Our shoes are made in an Orthopedic Medical Grade. We use cushion zone technology in our shoes and high-quality breathable leather for feeling cool feet. We use Drilex 5 mm padding that grips the foot without irritation. Our shoes come with an extended heel strap for back foot control and support. We use a Fold tongue & extra collar with an Extensive toe box for extra toe room and comfort.

We provide Extra-depth in our shoes which is used with an 8mm removable filler and foot-to-foot skin that supports the arch, replacing it with Orthotics Outsole, designed with curved areas to help relieve pain and reduce foot pain (Metatorsalgia). Outsole air bubble technology distributes weight, especially in these areas. We provide a built-in arch support footbed with healing reinforcement support that helps keep a foot in line with neutrality.

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