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Underpronation is a phenomenon that happens because the ankle doesn’t roll inward properly. Typically, the inward rolling remains fewer than 15% during landing or pushing off and is responsible for rolling the foot outward. This further increases pressure on the ankle and toes, which can cause injury. If a person leaves underpronation unattended, there is a higher chance that the person will attract severe pain, abnormalities in walking and running and damage to feet tissues. If you work out a lot, then trainers for underpronation are what you need to add to your lifestyle.

best trainers for underpronation To determine whether your foot is pronated or supinated, you have to snap a picture directly right behind your ankle. If the ankle bone turns outside, your foot is supinated and can cause abnormalities when you walk. The toe might be lifted off of the ground with a supinated foot. Such a person is more prone to rolling their ankle to having knee pain on the outside of the knee.

A foot will be pronated when you observe your ankle bowed inward in the Achilles. A person with a pronated foot is prone to a plantar fasciitis meniscus tear. A person with a super native foot will have a week arch. A person may find that resting your body weight on the bones gives you some temporary support.

Overpronation and Underpronation

The overpronation is when the foot rolls far away toward the inside when your foot rolls as it touches off the ground. On the other side, under pronation is when the foot rolls too far towards the outer side and can cause significant issues for some people. It is of paramount value to understand the risks associated with underpronation as it helps take preventive measurements and avoid unforeseen damage or injury.


Risk of Underpronation

The statistics reveal that the chance of supination or overpronation is less severe; however, it differs from person to person. A person is said to be a victim of underpronate with the following characteristics:

  • People with high arches, which is problematic for a normal landing
  • Those who have tight Achilles tendons, i.e. sports persons, typically are prone to strain and those who are used to wearing Achilles tendons.
  • Changing characteristics of leg wound or injury, i.e. shin splint, knee injury
  • Those who wear inappropriate shoes that aren’t fitted to their feet

If you are searching for customized running shoes per your unique requirements, we recommend consulting an expert. We have experts at our stores who can suggest the perfect shoes for your walking and running. Further, you can also search for relevant shoes using our website.

trainers for underpronation Symptoms of Underpronation

Contingent upon your daily movement level, indications of excessive underpronation can be exemplary; for example, more noticeable wear outwardly edges of your shoes can be an indication. Most manifestations of supination start to appear during a challenging physical or sports activity, i.e. basketball, soccer or running.

The most widely recognized indications of underpronation are pain and suffering through the curve and chunk of the foot as the muscles and tendons in the foot (particularly the arch) are stressed by the strange walk. At times, underpronation can likewise cause back suffering and stress to the knee.

Several underpronators create bunions on the toe side of the foot because of too much pressure. This situation results in an unstable foot, and you may experience an increase in false foot landing, rolled ankles and humungous sprains.

Best Shoes for Underpronation

MediComf is an Australian based footwear company with over three decades of manufacturing experience with thousands of satisfied clients all across Australia. We specialize in foot care products and supplies to help people suffering from various foot diseases, including diabetes, bunions, pronators etc. Those struggling with underpronation must consult the best physician for underpronation to get their feedback. Here at MediComf, we have designed special fitting shoes, sandals, heels and boots to cater to the needs of people from all walks of life. Further, we have various supplies to support your walk with confidence.

You should opt for supportive shoes designed with extra insole supplies and depth to give you a comfortable experience. MediComf shoes for Australians with underpronation come with additional cushioning. We provide the best trainers for underpronation. People who used to walk more or runners are prone to underpronation because the foot does not roll inward enough when it hits the ground. As the heel strikes first, the runner’s weight transfers to the outside of the foot, which shows the running pattern. The exterior of a runner’s feet with underpronation is the first point of contact.

Generally, there is little to no bend along the outside edge of a runner’s foot up to the lower leg. The weight stays outside as the runner steps through the gate cycle—runners with high arches experience under pronation at a massive level. You can also check whether you are a victim of underpronation or not by checking your old shoe pair. If the wear marks are concentrated along the outside edges of the sole, there’s a good chance that it’s your running pattern. Underpronation isn’t a bad thing, but it tends to add pressure on your lower legs which can cause a severe injury to you.

Solution of Underpronation

People with underpronation must choose neutral running shoes that come with extra cushioning that is handy to absorb the shock and balance your running. MediComf shoes have a thick sole that supports even big arches. Our shoes are equally beneficial for people with bunions and diabetic patients.


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