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Indeed, every human body part is unique and has its value. Among all body parts, feet are one of the vital parts destined to carry our entire body. People at a relatively younger age are in their best life phase; however, life after the 50s demands proper care, especially for feet. Older adults are more prone to catching the disease, especially when they are retired and haven’t much to do in their daily life. MediComf has designed best walking shoes for seniors to ensure a comfortable walk daily and have an active lifestyle.

Best Walking Shoes for Seniors and Body Anatomy

Human body anatomy may be divided into five fundamental parts: head, neck, torso, arms, and last legs. Numerous biological and chemical interactions keep the human body working as destined underneath the skin. On average, a person walks around fifty thousand to a hundred thousand miles in his entire life. Your old age life largely depends on how you have spent your days in an earlier stage of life. The best walking shoes for seniors help people keep moving without any mobility issues especially among seniors with some foot issues.

Happy Feet with Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

Whether you were a tough guy at an earlier stage of life or not, you need special care when you become a senior citizen to have a prosperous time without suffering. The importance of feet grows for older adults because healthy feet push them toward a healthy life and motivate them to move around. Here, best walking shoes for seniors plays a vital role in providing comfort to your feet, especially when you become a senior citizen. Shoes for older adults are designed to prevent falls and promote safer walking by complementing the walking experience.

What are the Best Safe Shoes for Seniors and the Elderly?

With time, their bones and muscles weaken. This situation often makes it hard for them to keep their balance while walking, standing, or doing physical activity. Some examples include arthritis, the reduced ability to focus on multiple activities simultaneously, and may even develop blurred vision. The solution for older adults is a good shoe collection to help seniors improve their security while walking. Safe shoes for seniors improve balance and stability. The characteristics of shoes for seniors include several elements, including non-slip soles to maintain contact with the ground.

Important Features of Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

  • Non-slip sole
  • Shock absorbent sole
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High-backend and good-fitting
  • Wide toe
  • Flat or low heels
  • Wide-mouthed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Laces-free shoes with straps

As the elderly feet can quickly become swollen, limiting walking activity and making putting regular shoes on much more challenging to wear. MediComf shoes for the elderly are also incredibly beneficial when looking for shoes for swollen feet.

Simple Foot Care Tips to Prevent Falls

While choosing the proper footwear is crucial to reduce the falling problem, it is as important to regularly apply moisturiser to the feet to maintain healthy skin around your feet. Regular feet exercise will give strength to the toe and ankle, and you will have improved balance. It will help you visit a podiatrist regularly for inspection and timely treatment. Outdoor walking in a healthy environment and with your pet dog is also a good idea to motivate yourself. The shoes must have room to accommodate your favourite orthotic insoles too.

Best Shoes for Elderly with Balance Problems

Senior people, especially those 65 or over, need special care and attention. Walking is paramount for humans, especially senior citizens, to maintain good physical and mental health. The problem with them is that older adults tend to fall more as they age, which could cause severe health conditions, i.e. broken bones etc. Within the senior citizen population, data reveals that 25% of people have a fall annually, which results in millions of hospitalisations. If you have become a fall victim already, the dangerous fact is that you have twice the chance of having a fall again. A fall, especially among seniors, could result in traumatic brain or head-related injuries, hip fractures and broken bones.

Cause of Falling among Seniors

The leading cause of falling is improper footwear, which results in foot pain causing difficulty in maintaining balance and walking. Some of the hurdles for walking factors include wearing high heels of more than 2 inches, floppy slippers, and shoes with laces.

How To Avoid the Foot Pain for Seniors?

To get rid of feet pain, it is of paramount value to have shoes fitted well to your feet and meet your comfort level. MediComf specialises in making Easy-On Shoes For Seniors that are sturdy and supportive. Our shoes include slip-resistant soles for seniors that help them maintain balance and avoid chances of falls. The ability to provide customisation makes us the first choice among Australian senior citizens. We have been the leading shoe manufacturer for the last three decades because of the unmatchable comfort level of our shoes. Our shoes are designed to provide a range of customisation that includes the following:

Heel Stabiliser

Our shoe supplies include an extended heel stabiliser meant for rearfoot control by providing support when you walk.

Removable Filler and Leather Footbed

An orthotic can recommend having shoes having extra in-depth for a range of inserts to avoid foot pain for the elderly. People with foot pain and problems must-have comfy yet sturdy shoes that are stretchable and breathable if they have swollen feet.

MediComf offers removable filler and footbed to ensure extended comfort to feet, which is helpful, especially for seniors and people with feet problems. You can add a removable 8 mm filler, leather-lined footbed, and arch support when orthotics prescribe. The removable insole variety ensures you feel like walking on your bed, just like anti-slippery finest velvet.

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    Built-in Arch Support for Elderly People

    Examination of feet to determine whether your feet are Pronated or Supinated is crucial. You will have supinated feet if your ankle bone is shaped outside, and the big toe might be lifted off the ground. A person with supinated feet has more chance of rolling their ankle to attract knee pain on the outside of the knee. If the ankle bone is turned inward, you will observe a bow in the Achilles. There is a greater possibility of having a plantar fasciitis meniscus tear.

    People with supinated or pronated have weak arches, and the solution to them is proper arch support. MediComf shoes for the elderly come with a built-in arch support footbed combined with heal stabiliser support. These measurements help keep the foot in neutral alignment and correct the pronation or supination.

    Adaptive Shoes for Seniors are Padded Shoe Tongue

    To support a comfortable walking improved experience, MediComf Adaptive Shoes For Seniors come with a padded tongue and collar of up to 20 mm. This complements the comfort of the walking experience by eliminating inflammation and reducing the impact on the ankle.

    Wide Toe Box

    Shoes For Seniors must have a wide toe box to support various conditions like swollen feet or people with feet problems like bunions or diabetes. The wide toe box shoes are pivotal to foot health, especially for senior people, ensuring ample space for their feet.

    Ordinary shoes may give you a bit of shock because you will observe squished toes in an abnormal shape. This is mainly due to the dwindling toe box of ordinary shoes putting immense pressure on toes, resulting in foot swelling, hammertoes, bunions, and several other foot issues. You won’t like to wear such shoes in the name of fashion. Instead, a shoe that solves all your problems is preferred.

    On the other side, shoes for senior people are designed to have a wide toe box to cater to the needs of older adults and extra care.

    Why Do We Need to Take Extra Care of Foot Problems?

    MediComf is all about foot health to make you walk and feel confident. Our mission statement is to better our health from the feet up to ensure you have the maximum level of care for your feet. Our shoe design is about offering better shoes that support the natural state of life by eliminating pain and correcting strain.

    Casual Shoes Vs Best Walking Shoes for Senior Ladies

    Nature has designed us perfectly, i.e., a broad base and wide foot toes, and we must support our feet by wearing wide toe shoes. However, the fashion race has indulged humans especially females wearing tapered shoes with narrow heels soon after we start to walk. The female group of teenagers, adults and the elderly are judged by their ability to wear high heels with a bit of tip at the bottom, also known as pencil heels. The best walking shoes for senior ladies ensure you can walk without any hassle.

    Best Walking Shoes for Senior Women

    The esthetics values have also evolved the best walking shoes for senior women in a way that we neglect our foot problems by preferring to wear uncomfortable shoes that deteriorate our natural foot shape and cause damage to our legs. This race to wear shoes with unnatural positions, including high heels, narrow toes, thin soles, and exposed toes, play a significant role in damaging our feet.

    Narrow toe shoes force feet into a crushed position resulting in curls and compression. This further results in deformities, including bunions, hammertoes and other abnormal foot shapes. This results in weakness and feet atrophy, while you may experience loss of sensation in your feet, and your toes will lose the ability to move independently, which is terrible for your health. Poor shoe design didn’t absorb the impact of shocks resulting in an abnormal walk or running pattern, and thus your overall posture, gait and balance will be altered. In short, it increases the chance of fatal injury.

    To cater to the needs of elderly females, MediComf has a wide variety of Best Walking Shoes For Senior Ladies that are meant for providing cosy shoes to solve all foot problems, including falls, swollen feet, bunions and females with diabetes.

    Why You Should Care About Wide Toe Boxes?

    Nature has designed our feet to move our bodies freely in their natural state. Tribes of old age with barefoot have fewer foot problems than the people with ill-fitting shoes. Human feet anatomy suggests being close to ground level with the toes splayed. Naturally, the barefoot stance provides a broader base for our feet to support our body and align the spine correctly. This alignment is crucial for walking and running. Healthy bones, tendons and muscles are vital parts of the feet when sending critical signals to the human brain to perform specific tasks.

    Advantages Of Wearing Shoes with Wide Toe Box

    Proper footwear that comes with a wide toe box is crucial to eliminate most of the foot problems we experience, especially for senior people. The simple swap pointed towards improved foot health and the ability to do some athletic or energising performance without pain.

    Do you have ever noticed several times you have ended an evening or long day out where you complain about immense pain in your feet? Women who choose to wear high heels are especially reeling in pain from the very start of the time because of uneven posture and gait. To support older women for their active presence at work or leisure, MediComf has designed Best Walking Shoes For Senior Women that provide them with an immense comfort level. Our wide toe box for older women lets your feet move freely and rest in their natural state that you feel a maximum comfort level.

    No More Injuries

    Proper footwear means you allow the feet to revert to their natural shape while enjoying the maximum comfort level with the help of extra cushioning, inserts and padded stuff. This helps reduce the chance of injuries to your feet and entire body, and elderly ladies who find our shoe collection helpful in maintaining balance. Whether you are fighting diabetes, bunions, foot swelling or any other foot disease, our shoes are designed to provide you relaxing experience. The breathable material ensures your feet have ample fresh air and reduces inflammation.

    On average, a person tends to walk around fifty thousand to a hundred thousand feet in their entire life. This is around a four-time walk around planet earth, and thus human feet are subject to a lot of beating with every step. Weak feet make us more injury-prone, while improper footwear multiplies the chances of injuries like:

    • Bunions and hammertoes
    • Neuromas
    • Hip fracture due to fall
    • Shin splints
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Tendinitis

    The list can extend easily. We rely heavily on feet for most movements and everything we do as human beings. If you have ever had a foot injury, you may have already realised the importance of healthy feet.

    Importance of Alignment

    A person with naturally aligned feet is lucky as he can freely move, walk, and run. Wearing ill-fitting shoes may damage the natural alignment of your feet and legs as you can develop some abnormalities that can harm your body posture. Continuous use of ill-fitting footwear means we have trained our feet to improper alignment, which must be corrected to rectify the abnormal body behaviour. Such abnormalities can cause discomfort throughout our musculoskeletal system and serious injuries that make us handicapped.

    Keeping in view the severity of damage due to improper shoe collection, you may require to adopt a proactive approach for your feet rehabilitation by choosing Adaptive Shoes For Seniors. This isn’t limited to wearing shoes with an extra toe box but also includes:

    • Wearing Toes with extra padding and cushioning regularly
    • Ensure you perform foot strengthening exercises daily
    • Transitioning slowly to foot-shaped shoes
    • Wear Injinji toe socks for foot alignment
    • Excel mobility and balance

    A successful feet rehab program ensures you have correctly aligned feet, as you can notice that feet will start performing naturally. Wearing adaptive shoes will make you feel improved balance even on uneven surfaces like trails. This way, you can strengthen your ankle and reduce the risk of falls.

    Avoid Narrow Shoes

    Narrow shoes look fashionable, funky and trending, but they only cause deformation to human feet. MediComf footwear provides shoes and accessories to support the comfortable walk, balanced body posture and improved well-being of elderly persons. Our shoe collections are specially designed to help people with foot problems. Narrow shoes and high heels are meant for displaying your feet wrongly, which is opposed to the natural way of walking or running. Our shoes are Easy To Put On Shoes for Seniors with no or minimum third person help so that you will feel confident and independent.

    Shoes for Senior Women

    Since you are searching for adaptive, healthy shoes for senior ladies doesn’t mean you are restricted to wearing a limited choice of shoes and have to abandon your fashion completely. MediComf has a variety of high heels for senior women that offers a variety of comfortable shoes with acceptable height. The recommended maximum heel by orthotic medical experts is 2 inches. Whether you have some bunions, supination, pronation, bones issues, or foot swelling, MediComf offers so much.

    We have wide width adjustable sandals for senior women that are best for ladies with edema or diabetes and great for indoor and outdoor usage. Our Shoes for Senior Women include open-toe sandals, and heels feature adjustable closures that open up completely. The beauty of these sandals for senior women is how easily ladies can wear them and how painless they are to put on and take off regardless of the condition of the foot.

    Best Adaptive Shoes for Senior Women

    The beauty of our shoes for elderly ladies is that you can quickly tighten and loosen the sandals that ensure you can always get the right fit for your foot condition. These attributes make them fit for women who have arthritis or limited dexterity. The adaptable nature of the MediComf sandals for senior women makes them best selling shoes.

    These adaptive sandals for diabetic women are cushioned with odour minimising memory foam for ultimate walking comfort. Our shoes for older women are equipped with unique non-skid soles to help prevent falls and injuries. The breathable materials of sandals are easy to wash. There is a common misconception that swollen feet need gigantic footwear, which is a fabricated statement by those who want to grow their sales only without the intention to provide a solution.

    The shoe design is such that there is no need to go up in size when you choose our footwear as swelling doesn’t change the length of feet but only the width and circumference. MediComf shoes for swollen feet are designed in such a way to complement these fluctuations without any hassle. Wearing MediComf adaptive shoes for a diabetic person means you’ll never have to upgrade shoe size again, as you can save your money to spend on another well-being.

    Best Shoes for Seniors with Balance Problems

    You will be at ease of mind that you have the Best Shoes For Seniors With Balance Problems, edema, bunions, diabetes or other foot problems. The team at MediComf is always happily available to listen to you to provide you with the best products for your feet’ health to walk without fall slips and any further injuries.

    Why Need Orthopedic Shoes for Seniors?

    Do you struggle with feet problems at an older age? Does one of your loved ones have need special foot care? Are you looking for the Best Walking Shoes for Seniors? Do you wonder what the best shoes for older women are? If you are a victim of falsely promoted shoes for your feet problems, you need not fret, as MediComf is a trusted one-stop-shop for all your foot problems. With more than three decades of satisfying services for Australians, we offer the best orthopedic shoes for seniors to get them out of pain and suffering. Our orthopedic shoes are made of the best quality breathable leather material that ensures you have a more relaxed feeling in your feet and there is no inflammation.

    You will enjoy maximum comfort level as our shoes come with Dri-Lex lining padding of 4 mm that holds your fee without any hassle and eliminate irritation. To provide grip, our shoe collection includes an extended heel stabiliser for the rearfoot section so that you will have improved balance and zero risk of fall. When prescribed by orthotics, you can add an extra depth filler of 8 mm, which is removable and complement your foot comfort by supporting the arch. The combined built-in arch support footbed and heel stabiliser ensure your arch is aligned in a neutral position and thus helps remove the abnormal walking pattern.

    The support of padded collar and tongue could go up to 20 mm as this is helpful to reduce the impact on the ankle and kick out any inflammation. On top of all, the wide toe box of orthopedic shoes for men and women makes comfortable footwear, especially for people with diabetes and arthritis. Our lightweight yet stylish Walking Shoes for Seniors are non-slippery designed, keeping in view all types of flooring that they may walk on. You will be at ease of mind that MediComf walking shoes for older adults aren’t heavy as some slippers or shoes are where you need durability.

    Best Shoes for Senior Citizens

    Many Australian Personal Support Workers recommend using MediComf Best Shoes For Senior Citizens as our shoes are time-tested and help with safety by every shoe pair has non-slip. You need not worry about the width of the shoe as they already have a wide toe box, and you can add extra inserts, a padded collar and removable filler to enjoy extra comfort.

    Senior people love to walk all time because it helps them stay active and fit, and to achieve this goal, having a comfortable shoe collection is of paramount value. Senior people with dementia must be supplied with slip-resistant footwear because they constantly walk up and down, which is a safety risk. You can add non-slip socks with a finger grip to add an extra safety layer.

    Senior people are emotionally attached to MediComf in many ways because we bring hope and positive change by helping them to walk with confidence. One of the old customers was afraid of visiting a doctor because he feared falling. However, when his family member provided anti-slip shoes for seniors from MediComf, he wore those orthotics and turned with everyday life for a brief period.

    Easy Touch Shoes for Seniors

    Our shoe collection for senior people includes a wide variety, so we have something for everyone. Senior people with unique requirements can choose from an available collection that you can’t see in every store, and that shows our commitment to serving older adults with feet problems. Best Shoes For Seniors by MediComf are easy to touch and are popular because of their non-skid characteristics. This makes it easy for the caregiver to handle the senior person confidently.

    Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis with Physical Activities

    As people age, especially the senior people after the age of 65, they tend to lose their hand dexterity. Younger people may also lose their hand dexterity or get rheumatoid arthritis or simply RA. There could be many reasons that cause a person rheumatoid arthritis, in which the immune system of a person attacks healthy body cells. This results in joint pain and body inflammation in the affected parts of the body. In the worst scenario, the inflammation can coincide in various body parts, including hands, feet, toes, ankles, arms, wrists, knees, and legs. Because of rheumatoid arthritis, the joint lining becomes inflamed and damages tissues. You will feel unsteadiness, loss of balance and deformation. Further, rheumatoid arthritis can damage tissues of vital human body organs, including lungs, eyes, hearts etc.

    What Are the Main Symptoms Of RA?

    Over time, rheumatoid arthritis can worsen and result in flares, while the improved situation is known as remission. The signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include:

    • Aching in one or more than one joint
    • Sign of stiffness in joints
    • Sign of tenderness and swelling
    • Resembling signs and symptoms on body parts, including hands, knees etc.
    • Weight loss
    • Fatigue or tiredness
    • Weakness

    Risk Factors of Rheumatoid Arthritis

    The chances of rheumatoid arthritis grow as people age; however, it can happen at any phase of life. The statistics revealed that women are at higher risk with a 3X ratio than men. People who smoke are at increased risk to catch rheumatoid arthritis, while obesity is yet another threatening cause of chronic pain and inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis.

    How to Manage Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    Rheumatoid arthritis affects a person’s life, including your professional career, resulting in limited leisure and social activities. The good thing is that you can improve rheumatoid arthritis with little effort.

    Plan Physical Activity

    The health experts suggest having physical activities for half an hour a day. These include walking, running and choosing challenging physical exercises to strengthen your muscles. MediComf has a wide variety of Best Walking Shoes For Senior Men to help them with foot problems and walk with the utmost comfort level. Though walking is the most convenient physical activity, other activities may involve swimming or paddling a bike. These activities are handy for an active life and a healthy state of mind.

    Physical Activity Programs – Shoes for Seniors with Swollen Feet

    People who are unsure about how to exercise safely can opt for physical activity programs that help them follow a group of people with the common goal of personal well-being. Such participation programs are result oriented as other people also bring motivations and driving forces to improve your physical stamina. Senior people with swollen foot problems can form a group of people with resembling motives. To help them walk with confidence, MediComf offers Shoes for Seniors with Swollen Feet designed to eliminate pain, inflammation and suffering by supporting their walking pattern. These groups or classes are fruitful for people with RA.

    Play Tennis and Improve your Fitness with Best Tennis Shoes for Seniors

    Tennis is a good source of maintaining fitness and remaining active. Older adults may find it hard to play tennis as the sports require a lot of energy, dedication and zeal. Here you must have comfortable wearables and shoes. Some people even play tennis in their late 70s, and the reason is that they have the Best Tennis Shoes For Seniors that are designed to support them for their cause. Feet are of paramount value, especially for older adults. Healthy, strong feet ensure senior people can continue their lives at the pace of a person in his 50s or even in his 40s.

    Some people love to run in the senior Olympics to motivate themselves for a better quality of life. You can join groups of older adults who form associations to play sports like golf, basketball or tennis. You can run in a local park walking circle which could be a 100 meter or a 200-meter path. The best thing about MediComf tennis shoes is that they have rubber cleats which ensure a non-skidding or non-slippery and smooth walking experience.

    When you run the sprints, you are on your toes as it is the only part of the shoe that hits the ground and results in a bruising toe pad. MediComf tennis shoes for seniors are designed to last longer for people who love to run. We have a variety of tennis shoes for walking on the trail and for running on the track. Our shoes for seniors are soft, comfortable and studier at the same time to ensure a longer lifespan of shoes.

    Performance Packed Foot Pampering Shoes for Walking

    MediComf shoes for seniors provide a comfortable walking experience without falls. Our shoe designs are all about optimising how senior people walk and perform certain physical activities. The walking pattern may be such that you may have pronated or supinated feet, which can be observed by observing the ankle of your feet.

    Supinated Feet

    If the ankle bone is turned outward, you have supinated feet, which can cause abnormalities to your body structure when you walk. The toe might be lifted off of the ground with a supinated foot. Such a person is more prone to rolling their ankle to having knee pain on the outside of the knee.

    Pronated Feet

    A person will have pronated feet if the ankle is bowed inward in the Achilles. The pronation can cause a plantar fasciitis meniscus tear. A person with a supinated foot will have a weak arch. People may find it helps rest the bodyweight on the bones as it provides relief from inflammation; however, it is temporary only.

    Best Shoes for Seniors Walking

    People who struggle with supinated or pronated feet must closely observe their walking pattern. Visiting an orthotics is an excellent way to examine your feet for timely corrective action. A person must choose footwear with extra cushioning that is helpful to reduce body shock and reduce the chances of falls and slipping when walking. We have the Best Shoes For Seniors Walking that come with a thick sole to support even big arches. Our shoes are equally beneficial for seniors with bunions, diabetes and other foot diseases.

    Preventive Approach for Better Feet Health

    It’s better to go for preventive ways to bring down the possibilities of diabetes and eliminate the chances of nerve damage because of poor foot health. A person with diabetes has to suffer from pain in the feet and loss of sensation, which can be fatal with time. Diabetes can also cause the growth of blisters on the feet, which is frightening. Because of the reduced blood flow towards the legs and feet, a person with diabetes is at higher risk of attracting other diseases and infections. Due to a low immune system, it is hard for a diabetic patient to recover from any illness. Swelling on feet and legs are common symptoms and may further result in amputation in the worst cases.

    Convenient Slip On Design: Easy On Shoes for Seniors

    Easy on shoes for seniors are designed with a convenient slip-on design, providing a hassle-free footwear option for older individuals. These shoes eliminate the need for intricate laces or complicated fastening systems, making them effortless to put on and take off.

    Stretchable Material of Easy On Shoes for Seniors

    With stretchable materials and flexible construction, easy-on shoes offer a snug yet comfortable fit. The absence of complex closures ensures that seniors with limited hand dexterity or mobility challenges can easily manage their footwear independently. Whether it’s a simple pull-on design or shoes with elasticized panels, these easy-on shoes provide convenience and promote a sense of independence for seniors, allowing them to focus on enjoying their daily activities.

    Comfort and Support in Every Step: Easy to Put On Shoes for Seniors

    Easy to put on shoes for seniors prioritise both comfort and support, ensuring a pleasant walking experience. These shoes often feature cushioned insoles, arch support, and ample padding to provide superior comfort and alleviate foot fatigue. The materials used are soft, breathable, and gentle on the feet, reducing the risk of irritation or rubbing.

    Lightweight Easy to Put On Shoes for Seniors

    With their lightweight construction and shock-absorbing properties, easy-on shoes for seniors help reduce the impact on joints and minimize discomfort during walking or standing. Additionally, these shoes are designed with sturdy outsoles that offer reliable traction and stability, promoting confidence and reducing the risk of slips or falls. Easy-on shoes provide the perfect balance of convenience, comfort, and support for seniors, allowing them to stay active and maintain their mobility with ease.

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    MediComf shoes are made up of the finest leather material meant to comfort people with feet problems. Our shoes for seniors cover all the issues they face in their actual walk. We are a leading manufacturer in Australia, whether you are suffering from bunions, feet swelling, a diabetic person with feet problems, a pregnant lady, or just looking for a nice footwear collection for seniors.