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Are you a diabetic person finding it hard to walk in your daily routine? Does diabetes limit your daily routine because of pain in the feet? Are you looking for a solution to your diabetic feet problems? If you are one of the 2 million Australians suffering from diabetes and foot problems, MediComf Australia has designed Diabetic Boots for you. We have been a leading Aussie company known for medical shoe manufacturing for the past three decades and have won people’s confidence all across Australia. Keeping in view the medical requirements suffering from diabetic people, we have designed medicated shoes for them. Our new Eiderdown technology is all about complementing comfort via insoles and padding.

Diabetes in Australia

As per Diabetes Australia, around 600 million people will have type 2 diabetes by 2035. The problem is that one in two adults with diabetes remained undiagnosed till they reached a threatening level. Among Australians, Type 2 diabetes is overgrowing, creating a chronic situation. The risk of other associated diseases multiplies, including heart disease. The risk of diabetes increases with age; however, it depends on certain other factors, i.e. quality of life, outdoor activities, use of vegetables, meat and sugary products like food items, any family history, high blood glucose, high blood pressure, chain smoker and increasing waist. The chances of preventing diabetes depend a lot on the quality of lifestyle.

Diabetic Boots
Diabetic Boots mens

Relation of Diabetes to Foot Problems

It’s always better to adopt a preventive approach to reduce the chances of diabetes and prevent nerve damage. A person with diabetes has to suffer from pain in the feet and loss of sensation, which can be fatal with time. Diabetes can also cause the growth of blisters on the feet, which is frightening. Because of the reduced blood flow towards the legs and feet, a person with diabetes is at higher risk of attracting other diseases and infections. Due to a low immune system, it is hard for a diabetic patient to recover from any illness. Swelling on feet and legs are common symptoms and may further result in amputation in the worst cases.

A diabetic person must consider care of feet to avoid any illness, infection and further suffering. Some people may experience Charcot feet, including redness signs, soreness, warmth, and abnormal feet shape.

Diabetic Boots Mens

Diabetic shoes are designed for patients with diabetes to help them heal from suffering. Here the use of deep shoes with padding and insoles is helpful. The diabetic boots mens typically are about half-inch deeper than regular boots. Such shoes are stretchable, flexible and breathable to cater to the needs of diabetic patients, i.e. calluses and hammertoes. Further, the deep shoes have ample space for insoles to give your feet comfort.

What are the Options?

You can stay away from significant issues with diabetes by counselling your primary care physicians and getting on-time treatment for diabetic issues influencing the health of your feet.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Sadly, there is no remedy available in current medical science for diabetic neuropathy. However, as the famous quotes suggest, prevention is always better than cure, so timely care means you can stop the spread of your diabetic issues. Here the role of the primary care physician is crucial as he can suggest pain-relieving methods. Observing your weight closely and maintaining your Body Mass Index is another way to limit diabetes. You should avoid smoking, walk daily, and wear best work boots for diabetics to stay active and productive.

est Work Boots For Diabetics
Diabetic Work Boots

Why Choose MediComf?

MediComf is a team of enthusiasts specialising in foot care products for people suffering from various feet disease, including bunions, foot swelling and diabetic people. We have been the most prominent shoemaker and designer in Australia for over the last thirty years as we have the confidence of the Aussie people.

Our range of shoes for diabetic people is meant for feet issues, swelling, hammertoes, arthritis, diabetic issues and bunions. We understand the needs of people suffering from feet related diseases. Our shoes are made to give you relief as you will enjoy the breathable and comfy feet collection. All our food products are designed using the new Eiderdown technology that provides a better user experience with added cushioned inlay and insole supplies.

With many shoe fittings and supplies, our collection caters to the needs of people with unique feet measurements. This range includes shoe collections in half sizes and five variants with the option to choose different widths to accommodate people. Our certified medical experts have focused on solving foot-related problems, especially for diabetic people.

There will be no rolling, falling and slipcase, which an ordinary shoe pair failed to offer resistance against slip and rolling. Our collection of orthotic removable soles is the solution to neuromuscular and skeletal feet problems. The 8 mm fillers placed underneath the insoles eliminate even severe types of pain in the feet.

Why Should You Wear MediComf Shoes?

MediComf has designed shoes for people to remain active, healthy and happy. Our diabetic work boots are best fitted to the needs of professionals who have to move regularly. Wearing our diabetic shoes, you won’t feel any fatigue or lack of alertness even when your work involves climbing stairs many times.

Thanks to our diabetic boot collection, you will feel confident when you have to stand for hours, and there will be no tiredness. Our shoes are designed to absorb body shocks at maximum level and reduce pressure on knees and feet joints.

The twice depth ratio of our boots ensures people suffering from bunions or swelling feet due to diabetes will be relaxed and free from any feet pain.

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