Privacy Policy

Privacy is the biggest concern for people, especially in the current era where marketing companies search for information so that they can market different campaigns. MediComf works in the interest of its clients. We may collect some relevant information from our customers to deliver the products. We assure all customers that we don’t sell the information or data of our customers to any other third party in any capacity.

Customer Registration

You need to register yourself on our website so that you can enjoy the shopping experience virtually at MediComf. This means you need not re-enter your shipping and billing details, while you can always have an eye on all of your previous purchases.

We collect only relevant information from clients for the sole purpose of fulfilling customer orders with MediComf.

We process online payments via Paypal, After-Pay, all credit cards, Direct Bank Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other available sources while we assure our customers that no payment or financial information is stored at MediComf.

Further, we didn’t store information relating to the customer’s bank, debit or credit card. Credit card information can be accepted over the phone call or via fax machine; however, we assure you that such information is destroyed immediately once payment has been made.

We strongly promote among our customers to never send financial information to anyone via email as it could result in financial losses.