extra wide men's sandals for swollen feet
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Very comfortable lace up leather lined casual shoe. This lace up high quality soft leather shoe incoreperates unparalleled comfort and cushioning for the most sensitive feet in need of special care or just tired old feet. Incoreperating medical grade footwear feature.

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Most comfortable everyday stylish shoe. A fully orthopaedic design, incorporating all features of a medical shoe providing superior comfort. Traditional lace up shoe provide variable adjustment for sore and painful arthritic foot and a perfect fit achieved with multiple widths. The extra padding and seam-free lining makes this shoe an ideal choice for diabetic foot care specially with multiple width and half size . Incoreperating removable filler and shock-absorbing PU footbed with arch support and leather lining to allow whisk moisture away from the foot. Combination of filler and footbed create a multilayers cushion for extra comfort. PU sole with air pockets throughout the sole allowing weight distribution and superior cushioning, added steel shank provides extra firmness and stability at the mide sole essential for extra stability and fall prevention. Supportive heel with reinforced Heel counter, added 10 mm padded collar holds the ankle firm and providing supperior stability yet accommodating sensitive or diabetic feet or just tired old feet. The all round 360 cushioning designed to create superior comfort for seniors




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Product Features

Lace up featuring speed lacing closure for easy access and adjustment. High quality soft full grain leather. Seam-free lining with padding. Wide toe box with deep fitting ankle area. Extra 10 mm soft padding collar and tong. Removable footbed with arch support and contoured heal providing maximum shock absorption. Leather lined footbed to allow feet to breathe. PU sole with air pockets through out the sole allowing weight distribution and superior cushioning. Supportive heel with reinforced Heel counter and steel shank in the sole provide stability and support.


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