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Are you suffering from arthritic feet problems? Are you deprived of being no footwear option with arthritic feet? Do you wonder what can be done for arthritis in the feet? Are you looking for the answer to whether walking is good for arthritis in the feet? Suppose you have arthritis in your feet and look for a comfortable shoe collection. In that case, you will be glad to know that MediComf is a leading Australian manufacturer that offers a variety of slippers and sandals for arthritic feet.

sandals for arthritic feet What is Arthritis and How Sandals For Arthritic Feet Help?

Arthritis is the degeneration of the joint cartilage, causing pain and disability or dysfunction of that particular joint. There are several causes of arthritis, particularly in the foot and ankle, but that depends slightly on what joint of the foot and ankle is involved. For example, arthritis in the big toe joint is slightly different from a causation factor to your arthritis in the ankle. This is also known as rheumatoid arthritis.

How Sandals for Arthritic Feet Help?

For those living with arthritis, finding comfortable footwear can be a challenge. Sandals for arthritic feet can provide significant relief and support. Here’s how:

Sandals for Arthritic Feet with Cushioning and Support


Sandals for arthritic feet often come with extra cushioning and arch support to reduce pressure on the affected joints. It’s like walking on a cloud, providing a gentle embrace for the feet.


Proper support helps in aligning the feet and body, reducing strain on the joints. It’s a foundation that keeps you standing tall and moving with ease.

Sandals for Arthritic Feet with Adjustable Fit


These sandals often feature adjustable straps or closures, allowing for a personalised fit. It’s like tailoring a garment to your body, ensuring that it fits just right.


The adjustable fit accommodates swelling or changes in the foot’s shape, providing comfort throughout the day. It’s a flexible approach that adapts to your needs.

Breathability and Flexibility

Air Flow

The open design of sandals allows for better air circulation, keeping the feet cool and dry. It’s a breath of fresh air for the feet, enhancing comfort.

Ease of Movement

Flexible materials allow the foot to move naturally, without restriction. It’s like dancing with grace, moving in harmony with your body.

Orthotic-Friendly Design


Many sandals for arthritic feet are designed to accommodate custom orthotics or insoles, providing targeted support and relief. It’s a personalised solution that addresses individual needs.

Therapeutic Benefits

The integration of orthotics can provide therapeutic benefits, aiding in pain relief and improving mobility. It’s a healing touch that nurtures and supports.

Arthritis is a complex and often painful condition that can impact daily life. However, the right footwear, such as sandals designed for arthritic feet, can make a significant difference. These specially designed sandals offer cushioning, support, adjustability, breathability, and the ability to integrate orthotics, providing comfort and relief. It’s like finding the perfect dance partner, one that understands your rhythm and moves with you, making every step a joy. Whether you’re stepping out for a stroll or dancing through life’s challenges, sandals for arthritic feet are there to support you, turning a painful journey into a walk of comfort and grace.


Some of the leading causes of foot and ankle arthritis include osteoarthritis, which usually has a small hereditary transfer and may run for generations to come. That is certainly more common in arthritis of the great toe joint. Post-traumatic arthritis, on the other hand, is the most common cause of arthritis that we see in ankle arthritis. That usually results from either severe ankle fracture or recurrent ankle instability injuries, which further can cause degeneration of the joint.

Gouty Arthritis

Gout is also one of the common phenomena due to inflammation and is very painful. Usually, gouty arthritis targets one joint at a time which is the big toe joint in most cases. Over time, if gouty arthritis remains unattended, it gets worse and becomes flares, while remission is the condition when the inflammation disappears.

Having such inflammation means you are also prone to secondary degenerative arthritis in the joint. Much less common causes are post-infection, which we call septic arthritis or neuropathic arthritis, which appears in diabetic patients. The least common causes may develop from congenital abnormalities of joints or ankles around the hindfoot or midfoot.

What is the Difference Between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gouty Arthritis?

You may not find any specific difference between rheumatoid arthritis and gouty arthritis at the first look. In general, both draw the immense flow of pain, stiffness of attacked joints and swelling around joints. This situation tends to block you from moving around freely with very little room, and you may be deprived because of this situation. Specifically, rheumatoid arthritis is when our immune system attacks the good cells around joints, causing pain, swelling and other problems. At the same time, gouty arthritis is when you have an extra amount of uric acid in your bloodstream. Specialists can easily highlight whether you have rheumatoid or gouty arthritis.

slippers for arthritic feet How Can the Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle be Treated?

Arthritis in the foot and ankle is fairly a complex situation and require a thorough clinical assessment needs to be performed by the treating consultant in discussion with the patient and his symptoms. Medical history is vital to check for the root cause of arthritis; a patient may have any specific trauma or may have developed some inflammatory conditions.

After checking the medical history, the medical consultant will for a clinical examination to know the severity, its drastic effects on neighbouring joints and the impact of functional disability that the patient might be experiencing. The medical consultant may ask for X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs, depending on different scenarios.

People with foot problems, including arthritis, bunions, diabetic people and any other foot problem, must seek advice from orthotics. The consultant may choose either conservative or non-operative measures, and the second one is surgical treatment. To help alleviate inflammation or pain, the orthotics recommend using appropriate footwear with more depth, insoles, extra cushioning, padding, and collar to alleviate inflammation or pain.

Introduction to Slippers for Arthritic Feet

Slippers for Arthritic Feet are specially designed footwear that caters to the needs of individuals suffering from arthritis. Unlike regular slippers, these are crafted with features that provide extra comfort, support, and ease of use for those experiencing joint pain and stiffness. They often include cushioned insoles, adjustable fittings, and materials that are gentle on the feet. It’s like wrapping your feet in a gentle embrace, providing the comfort and support needed to move with ease and confidence.

Benefits of Slippers for Arthritic Feet

The Benefits of Slippers for Arthritic Feet extend beyond mere comfort. These slippers are often designed with orthopedic principles in mind, focusing on proper foot alignment, pressure distribution, and support for the arches. They may also include features such as non-slip soles for safety and wide openings for easy wearing and removal. For those with arthritis, these slippers can be a game-changer, turning a simple act like walking around the house into a pain-free and enjoyable experience. It’s like having a personal therapist for your feet, understanding your unique needs and providing the care and support needed to make every step a pleasure.

Buy Slippers For Arthritic Feet

Above mentioned lightweight walking slippers are handy to mitigate the pain caused because of shoes. MediComf specialises in slippers for arthritic feet to offload weight-bearing pressure and thus help with painful inflammation. Our footwear collection is all about reducing deformities arising from arthritis.

Features of Best Walking Shoes

  • Non-slip sole
  • Shock absorbent sole
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High-backend and good-fitting
  • Wide toe
  • Flat or low heels
  • Wide-mouthed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Laces-free shoes with straps

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