Best High Heels for Bunions to Walk with Confidence


heels for bunions Do you have a bulge near your toe? Are you struggling with reddening due to bunions? Do you have to bear pain in toe joints or general tiredness due to bunions? Do you fear abandoning high heels due to blisters or swelling caused by bunions? Are you looking for heels for bunions to wear at an event? You need not fret as MediComf has a comprehensive range of shoes to make you feel comfortable with heels, especially when you have bunions. The best time to cure a bunion is when you observe one starting to develop. Proper treatment, exercise and wearing supporting footwear will help you prevent any further injury.

A Bunion bump is a common problem that forms on the joint towards the big toe and causes disruption and pain. A bunion adds discomfort and ugliness to your feet as some of the foot bones in the front side move abnormally. This caused the tip to be stretched towards the smaller toe as it pulled the joint at the base of the big toe to stick out. MediComf has a variety of heels for women with bunions, or when you look for heels for wide feet or want to have a comfortable experience, it comes to wearing heels.

Many people have large wide feet, which may be permanent or temporary. The main reasons for wide feet include weight gain, pregnancy, genetic problems, foot deformities (bunions, hammertoes), age factors and improper footwear. You mustn’t settle for toes that make you feel congestion and give you pain. As per research, more than half of US women suffer from Bunion, hurting their personal and professional lives. The leading cause of Bunion is choosing uncomfortable footwear, including specially designed shoes. A fashioned shoe may appeal to people, but your health is at stake as a worse bunion may limit your walking ultimately. Some people may suggest surgery to correct Bunion. MediComf has various options to repair and reduce the impact rather than surgery.

In some scenarios, Bunion may be due to a hallux abducto valgus, and no one likes to have it. Sometimes, the Bunion can spread a toe that can touch the second toe when you stand straightly.

What Causes Bunions?

So, first of all, let’s look at what Bunion is. A bunion is a bone marrow transplant that you have seen forming under your big toe. Why? Because your big toe is pushed against the other toes or scratched, forcing the joint to grow and protrude. Here the question arises for a severe condition which may be due to the following reasons:


Females are subject to a higher number of victims of bunions because of their flexible muscles. These flexible muscles of females support them during birth; however, this can cause a problem like bunions or swallowing feet during pregnancy.

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    best heels for bunions The cause of Bunion may be due to genetic predisposition, which is higher among women. The ratio is also considered among males. Though the underlying cause still varies considerably, the concept behind the reason is some genetically disorder in feet that alter foot shape and thus become Bunion or edema. Some women ignore such conditions and continue searching for high heels for bunions, but medical science recommends using flat heel shoes with less than two-inch heels.

    MediComf has a wide range of heel shoes for women with bunions that are appealing and add comfort. Our heels for bunions are designed to add comfort to your extended toe that matches the actual foot shape. Our women’s orthotic shoes are the best in Australia as they are designed to protect and prevent bunions, calluses and hammertoes

    Further, our high heel shoes for bunions include a dual-density EVA insole that resembles the foot shape and has the highest shock absorption to make you feel comfortable even when you have to walk the entire day. On the other hand, the ultra-soft Dri-lex linings wick away the humidity to avoid slippery shoes. On top of all, the padded sole and the collar are placed for a smooth walking experience.


    How to Prevent Bunions?

    high heels for bunions With due care, you can limit the growth and impact of bunions; however, it may continue to grow no matter what you adopt despite all your remedies. You may still feel the negative impact of the shape of pain and stress due to the shape and design of your shoes. Poor design of shoes will add salt to your injury only. Fitted shoes and low toes are one of the leading causes of bunions. It is ideal to have an elegantly designed shoe to heal from the pain of the Bunion. For ladies who love wearing heels, we have a collection of the best heels for bunions crafted to give variety to females struggling with bunions. Our heel collection for Bunion includes a breathable, comfy and tested collection so that you can still wear a heel of appropriate size, which isn’t a threat to your bunions.

    Get Relief From Bunions With Our Shoes

    Our shoe collection for Bunion allows you to shine at your professional level without any interruption. Whether your work requires walking most of the time or you have to stand for hours, our bunion shoe collection is handy for you. Whether you are an outgoing woman with so many miles to walk a day or have to stand on your feet during working hours, we have the best heels for bunions designed to assist you. Using heel collection by MediComf motivates people of even older age to walk like a person in his mid-30s.

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